How it works

You can set up your Gift of Travel account in just three easy steps.

Step one – register with us

Register your details with us and create your Gift of Travel page. We’ll then send you your Gift Card.

Step two – send the web page address to your friends and family

We’ll give you a unique web address for you to share with your friends and family. Maybe include it with your invitations, or you could send them an email with the details straight from your Gift of Travel account. They can then visit your web page and add credit to your Gift Card using their credit or debit card. They’ll be able to leave a personalised message so you’ll know who to thank after your wedding.

Step three – plan and book

Then comes the fun part; it’s time to plan and book your dream honeymoon. When you’ve decided on which one of our incredible destinations you’d like to go to, you can use the money on your Gift Card towards the cost. If you’re booking in one of our stores, just bring your Gift Card with you when you book. Or, you can enter the details of your card if you’re booking online.

If you’ve already chosen a honeymoon and would like to book it before your friends and family have contributed, that’s no problem at all. Simply book and pay for your honeymoon, then after you’ve returned, we’ll redeem your Gift Card against the cost of the booking and give you a refund. You’ll need to claim it within 14 days of returning. Check out the FAQs for more information about this this.